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The Tomb45 Shave Gel is designed by Barbers for Barbers! Our squeezable bottles allow you to apply the gel directly from the bottle while not wasting any product! the clear bottle allows you to see how much you have left at all times. Aloe Vera soothes the skin and our gel is designed to provide the smoothest shave with a fresh scent! Tomb45 Shave Gel is designed to keep the skin moisturized, add slide to the razor, and help replenish the skin with Vitamin E! I'm proud to add our Tomb45 Shave Gel to the family! All at a great price!  8oz

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For our Canadian customers, it looks like shipping cost are the same for 2 bottles as it is for just 1. This is due to weight - we make no $ off of shipping. If you're in Toronto, you can buy it at Manstop Barbershop! That's right, save some money and buy local in Toronto!


Reviews (171)


Written by on Apr 3rd 2017

The best shaving gel I've use, clients love the scent of it!

The best shave gel in the market!!

Written by Joel Robles on Mar 30th 2017

All of my clients love how this product creates a smooth shave experience. It softens the hair and keeps the skin moisturized. I use to shave as well. I have very thick facial hair and this product softens my hair within seconds. I highly recommend it for every barber. Thank you tomb45 team!

best shave gel out

Written by on Mar 28th 2017

This is the only shave gel that I'll use! Excellent fragrance and even better glide for the blade!

made by barbers for barbers

Written by Noel K on Mar 28th 2017

Honestly, couldn't be happier with this product. I was a little hesitant at first.. I thought all shave gels were the same till I tried this.. Doesn't get sticky and dry like other gels out on the market, keeps the hair soft for a smoother shave..... On top of that looks cool as shit and smells great.

Just a little goes a long way

Written by Austin Leal on Mar 27th 2017

I am a barber student & after seeing/trying the tomb 45 that others had, I had to get this! Works awesome, I have sensitive skin & this is perfect for that. Razor glides, smells great, & leaves no bumps or ingrowns all with just a little bit. I will definitely be coming back for more. Highly recommended! Just waiting for the after shave to come out. Peace & love to Tomb 45.

Good Stuff

Written by Jason BLES on Mar 13th 2017

Product smells good and does its job good stuff

Great product!

Written by on Mar 12th 2017

Makes shaving easier and great for the skin, doesnt dry out as fast as other shave gels and has a nice masculine scent

the best

Written by maurice Swearington on Mar 9th 2017

This is the best shaving gel I've ever used it allows the blade to run smoothly with zero irritation and my clients love the smell I've tried many different types shaving gels but this tomb 45 is the truth hands down!

client loved it it was easy to work with what more can I say

Written by ian on Mar 9th 2017

client loved it it was easy to work with what more can I say. Thank u

great product

Written by Gerardo on Mar 6th 2017

Great product and then business end of delivery etc was all on point.

The best choice for barbers

Written by Jason Myron on Mar 3rd 2017

I've used the shave gel quite a few times and I'm very pleased with this product. USPS screwed up the delivery and when I contacted to make them aware I was immediately contacted and their offer to remedy the situation was more than generous. I received my package without a problem at a different address and the problem was solved, but I stand behind what I say when I say that this company shows love and I will gladly order from them in the future.

best gel ever

Written by talay tariq on Mar 3rd 2017

i like the scent of the gel and it is very easy to apply after few seconds the skin is ready for a shave this is the best gel i ever had i will buy this gel for ever now

Tomb 45

Written by Pat on Mar 2nd 2017

Great shave gel, does not dry up on the skin great smell and good ingredients shipping was pretty fast l... good product will be buying more once I run out.

Great shave gel

Written by Terrance D Womble on Mar 1st 2017

This the best shave i've used! Not too thick, not too thin. It also stay wet, which is very important!

big shout out to chris bossio and the whole TOMB 45 movement!!!!! Do ya thang and i salute ya bro, from sameron spencer in New mexico thanks i love the smell of the shave gell now what you gotta work on is some aftershave lotioni

Written by sameron spencer on Feb 20th 2017

I love the product plain and simple the design the bottle to the way it smells and lets the blade glide and do its thang so keep it up.

one of a kind product

Written by Tyron on Feb 20th 2017

I use this product for every body i shave and myself it gives a smooth shave and leave the skin soft with no irretation or bumps after the shave.

The Best

Written by undefined on Feb 15th 2017

I've been shaving for years and have used many shaving lubricants; hands down Tomb 45 is the best. The combination of cooling gel and superb smelling ingredients keeps me coming back!

cool stuff

Written by esmailer on Feb 15th 2017

Not a professional barber, just do my kid's, brothers and my own hair, but in my own experience trying different shaving products during the years and now doing a bit of barbering with my family, Tomb45 the best stuff out there yet..

Great product

Written by Edwin Calles on Feb 13th 2017

Excellent product, it smells great as well.


Written by Evan Davenport on Feb 12th 2017

I like that this product goes on smooth, it's clear, it doesn't have any funny odor PLUS it doesn't get stuck on the sides of the sink. I'm not a professional by any means, I just shave everyday and this product gives me the close shave every time. And when I haven't shaved in awhile when I use it twice it doesn't irritate my skin but leaves in healthy state ready to be washed and for my after shave which Aloe Vera gel! No cons to this product at all!

Smooth As Silk

Written by Devon Caballero-Zarate on Feb 6th 2017

This Tomb 45 shave gel is the truth. I have extremely sensitive skin and this gel causes absolutely zero irritation. Very slick, awesome consistency and phenomenal smell creating absolutely zero razor drag. On top of all that service was extremely prompt and professional not to mention they are very supportive of both veterans and active duty military, definitely taking care of those who take care of them. I would recommend Tomb 45 to any and everyone and will continue to be a customer of theirs for life......

Tomb 45

Written by Razor Mike on Feb 6th 2017

For starters great product for its value It just drys to fast its like u have to use half to the bottle to keep it moist but then again its preference but in all thumbs up And the meaning behind Tomb 45 is very educational...

Best on the market

Written by Jo Carr on Feb 6th 2017

First, the product arrived quick like in 3 days.Then it was easy to use and didn't get messy. I will buy this product again

Tomb 45 Shave Gel

Written by daniel dorado on Feb 6th 2017

Love that this product is made with amazing minerals and oils for the clients face ( which should also be a selling point). The straight razor glides perfectly. Lastly smells great, clients love it.

Great Product!

Written by Darius on Feb 6th 2017

Great idea to just change the bottle and dispenser. Smells great and works great!

Exceeded expectations!

Written by Angel Bustos on Feb 4th 2017

Everything about this product can't be beat. Great smell, clients love it, goes on easy and not too thick in consistency. Love that it comes in a clear twist bottle, I can see what I have left and never have to worry about a pump breaking ha. Good looking out Chris!

great product

Written by jai ortez on Feb 1st 2017

This is one of if not the best proxy on the market gaurabteed

a small amount goes a long way

Written by Gabriel Navarro on Jan 31st 2017

The shave gel spreads well on the skin you don't need much

i love this product

Written by Bryan Zorrilla on Jan 31st 2017

Great smell and consistency/texture. Great price for the amount im getting

Shoutout to Chris Bossio !

Written by Erick Carreon on Jan 30th 2017

Smells Good , Feels Good , Perfect Bottle Size !


Written by AntLove on Jan 28th 2017

This is the best shave gel I have ever used, I've used a ton, but this is by far the best, no irritation, stays wet, smells amazing, the straight razor just glides right through it... it is by far the best and you cannot beat the price.. thanks bossio !! #tomb45 #forlife

Great Product

Written by Graig on Jan 27th 2017

Ordered a couple bottles of the shave gel last week and used it on a razor fade and it worked amazing!!! Went on smooth and shaved off smooth and it also has a great frangrace, great product and look forward to continuing to using it!!!

crafting everyday with tomb45

Written by Ivan Rodriguez on Jan 27th 2017

It's a really great gel, it smells excellent and makes it easier to do the blade work on people. Will buy more soon. Bossio, I see how professional you are and how much work you put into your craft and it's inspired me to keep cutting hair and only getting better. God bless you and your business.


Written by Vance Nichols on Jan 27th 2017

First of all, I'd like to mention that I'm not a professional barber but only an eager patron searching for ways to achieve my best look possible. I use Tomb45 Shave Gel on my head and face daily with my favorite consumer-grade disposable multi-edge razor. This shave gel product has the slickest texture over of any shaving product that I've ever used. For quite sometime I was using another very popular product purchased from a national drug store, costing almost twice as much for about half the contents of Tomb45- but not any more! Tomb45 is now my sole choice for shaving gel, as my former "go-to" can't compare to the awesome results achieved by this product. I'm "converted" indeed! I am very impressed with how easy it is to get such a close shave on my face and head while using just a small amount of gel. A "little bit" goes a LONG way! And since Tomb45 is transparent and doesn't "foam-up", I can more effectively trim around my goatee with my consumer-grade razor. Oh Yeah, I have a "barber fresh" look everyday! I always have a supple, smooth and close shave. After each time I shave, I always "stare" intently in the mirror because I can't believe how awesome a shave I get! This is a MUST TRY and a MUST KEEP product!

best in class.

Written by jai ortez on Jan 25th 2017

best product on the market, highly recomend to anyone that has sensitive skin.

works great on shaving my head

Written by tim on Jan 25th 2017

Love this product I'm a customer for life

Great Shave Gel

Written by Richard Prucey on Jan 24th 2017

This is my go to for shaving. The razor glides smoothly with tomb45 and a big thing for me is that other products I have used dry up pretty fast. I don't have this problem with Tomb45. Also my clients always ask what I am using and where they can get it because they love the smell. Overall very great product I look forward to more products created by barbers for barbers in the future

awesome product, and smells greet

Written by vince on Jan 20th 2017

Works flawlessly and the scent is fresh


Written by #FadedN2Glory on Jan 19th 2017

Hands down the best I've ever used!!!!! Butte, smooth, and any other name you can think of to describe easy shaving!! #FadedN2Glory #Tomb45

Dope product my clients like it

Written by Cam on Jan 17th 2017

I will continue to use this product..Awesome easy to apply and clean up..No mess. One of my clients told me one other barber is using it and liked that I'm keeping up with the in products for barbering...Future customer thank you for the fast shipment and dope product

tomb45 shave gel

Written by Manuel on Jan 17th 2017

I really like this product. Smells great and feels excellent on the skin. Also helps the razor glide smooth for a clean cut


Written by William Baker on Jan 16th 2017

Awesome product easy to control the amount you use great shaving experience

Great Product

Written by Andrew on Jan 11th 2017

Best product I've used for the price.

Tomb shaving gel

Written by Ricardo C.Nicolas on Jan 8th 2017

I am Ricardo C. Nicolas founder and c.e.o of Marvelous Beauty and Barber School in Waukegan Illinois. I bought half a douzen of tomb shaving gel as a gift to give my students, they had a good experience with using the product. I personally like the product because it keeps moisture on the skin much longer than traditional shaving cream.

awesome product

Written by Ricky Conner on Jan 6th 2017

It's my go to gel


Written by jon on Jan 5th 2017

I loved this item. It didn't dry out and stayed slick

Love it

Written by Enrique garcia on Jan 5th 2017

This is some good stuff it make my blade glide easy with no hair pulling I highly recommend this to anyone how what's a good shave gel pulse it smells really good

nice stuff

Written by frankie de on Dec 31st 2016

reactivates when you apply water razor glides very smoothly along my client skin

best shave gel ever

Written by James Greenleaf on Dec 29th 2016

The gel looks smells amazing and on top of that cuts very smooth dosnt dry quick and just leaves a after felling that's amazing

Everything I expected!

Written by MEM on Dec 28th 2016

This product is everything that I expected. It glides onto the skin for a nice close shave without having to apply too much (a dab will take you a long way). It's excellent in preventing redness and irritation plus the fragrance is not overpowering or lingering. Excellent product. Thanx for shipping on Christmas Eve as well!

Best shave gel I've used

Written by Rodney on Dec 28th 2016

Ordered a bottle and received it really quick. It smells great and works very good. I will most definitely be making another purchase! Thank you!!

best on the market

Written by Stanley Goins on Dec 26th 2016

Great stuff


Written by undefined on Dec 25th 2016

Will only use Tombstone 45 from now on. Very easy to use and smells great!

gets the job done faster and smells good

Written by Fernando on Dec 20th 2016

Best shaving gel that I've used

great product !!

Written by Michael goolsby on Dec 19th 2016

I used this product in the shop worked great I used it for shaves , line ups and head shaves , and I was very happy with te way the razor glided across the skin and producing a close shave . My clients skin was not irritated at all . Thanks for a great gel and a great bottle for applying it to customers .


Written by undefined on Dec 15th 2016

I ordered 2 shaving gel and the delivery was really fast I live in Paris France in only few days I received my order. The shaving gel from Tomb 45 smell really good it's feel great on the skin and I don't feel my bled when I do my haircut or my beard. 5 Stars product I recommend it


Written by barberjc on Dec 13th 2016

Best shave gel I used so far smells good and helps the blade glide for easy shaving

awesome product!

Written by Chris on Dec 12th 2016

I got 4 bottles for like 25 bucks! Great deal! And awesome product! When applied it almost smells like a nice cologne. Highly recommended :)

excellent product !!

Written by Charles Lewis on Dec 12th 2016

Tomb45 is everything they say, smells good, provides smoothness for shaving, easy application ! Highly recommended.

Havent received.....

Written by Vanessa on Dec 7th 2016

I had to wait practically a whole month to receive the gel I ordered. I finally received it today and there was no gel inside the package and the receipt that came inside was all tore up into pieces! So frustrated at this point and contacting the post office about this situation.

Just Right

Written by yc on Dec 7th 2016

This shave gel actually allows you to see what you are cutting away which gives you greater precision.

nice shave

Written by Eric Gadson on Dec 6th 2016

This stuff not only smells great it also gives you a close and smooth shave.

Simply the best!

Written by undefined on Dec 5th 2016

Only shave gel im gonna be using. The best hands down!

THE BEST ........

Written by Detrick Hill on Dec 2nd 2016

Man!!!!!! This gel is the bomb I'm very excited to have the shaving gel it's the best in the market smooth shave smells good it don't dry up fast like the rest .... I recommend this to anyone who shaves .... thank you again for this product

Good quality product

Written by undefined on Dec 2nd 2016

Good Product


Written by on Nov 28th 2016

Outstanding product.

great product

Written by Stefan on Nov 28th 2016

I love this stuff I will most definitely refer any barber to use this product

great product

Written by Chris Ray on Nov 22nd 2016

This gel is just right.

awesome shave gel

Written by Garrett Blasko on Nov 21st 2016

This is a great shave gel I have used a few others, but they are eather two watery or two thick. This shave gel is right there in the middle it has a very smooth glide fir the razor and doesnt dry out fast. A little goes along way with this product. Im very happy with it as well everyone in my baber class at school we all will definitely be buying this product again. Thanks Tomb 45!

The shave stops here!

Written by matt on Nov 21st 2016

This product is not only cost efficient but out performs its competition well. We use it in our shop and customers rave about it. Applicator tip makes application pin point and it doesn't dry up like Elegance or Pacinos. Get yours today!

A nice product

Written by GENE KEALON on Nov 20th 2016

I think this is a good product. The consistency is nice and the scent is very pleasant. However, ( and it could be my blade I'm using , not yours) doesn't glide easy as I was expecting. But none the less a nice product.


Written by Diego Quinones on Nov 17th 2016

The shave gel came in 3 days!!! the shave gel smells like cologne, also its glides so much better then shaving cream.

tomb 45 gel

Written by undefined on Nov 17th 2016

love that it doesn't dry quick like most shave gel. Also like the the product as aloe and smells great


Written by undefined on Nov 16th 2016

All my clients live it, the smell is great. And it's the only product I use for shaves and line ups.

Fast Shipping - Exactly what I asked for!

Written by Hannah on Nov 15th 2016

The shave gel got here faster than products I ordered beforehand from other companies. A+ product and business.

Great product

Written by undefined on Nov 14th 2016

The product is great I got 2 but everyone in the shop uses it, the bottle makes applying less mess definitely recommend trying and I will be a returing customer


Written by undefined on Nov 13th 2016

Good product for the price.

awesome stuff

Written by undefined on Nov 13th 2016

I shave my beard and my head with a a straight edge and this stuff works wonders. Works just like in the video,no bullshit.


Written by Michael King on Nov 12th 2016

This product literally allows the razor to glide across you skin!

i want more

Written by amber smith on Nov 10th 2016

I love the smell.. it's not sticky. I can razor easily. Glides well.. I want to see if I can wholesale this at the salon at work at. Awesome!!

awesome shave gel

Written by drew on Nov 10th 2016

The best shave gel I've come across. There's others out there that are gd too. But I'd use this one for now on. I had to buy 2 bottles just to stock up. Ill be a repeating customer. 100% legit . Awesome shave gel once again. Amazing

Smells so clean and refreshing

Written by Eugene harris / Gene the barber harris on Nov 10th 2016

Love tomb45 !!! This product is what the barber industry needs. Packaging in great also. Product goes on easy and rubs into the skin easy as a moisturizer. Will buy more soon.

Best Shave Gel Ever!!!

Written by Kelsey (RealBarbersWearPink) on Nov 8th 2016

I've purchased 5 bottles already and will definitely be purchasing more in the future. It's honestly one of the best shave gels I have ever used. Thanks,!!!

The best shave gel.

Written by SHAWN WINFIELD on Nov 7th 2016

I recently ordered the shave gel. It's the best i have used. It has a great smell also. I will definitely buy this product again


Written by Juan Cordova on Nov 4th 2016

Easy to use bottle, smells great and work perfectly

The Best

Written by zack leighton on Nov 1st 2016

This shave gel is unbelievable. I never heard of Chris until I watched his videos on YouTube, but he has, in my opinion the best barber YouTube channel. I've heard a lot of good things about the shave gel and decided to try it. It does exactly what it says, doesn't dry up, glides nicely on the skin. I love it. Well done Chris ! Well done! I want wholesale lol!

The Best

Written by Dre Adams on Oct 29th 2016

Tomb45 is the best product I have used. I use it when I shave my head or do the line up. It is very smooth and smells great. I plan on getting more and don't want to use anything else.


Written by Christopher Ramirez (fadezbychris) on Oct 26th 2016

Absolutely love this product. Can't wait to order the razor handle.


Written by michael willis #willisfromtx on Oct 26th 2016

This shave gel is first class. It smells great and is the best shave gel I have used. Thank you Chris #tomb45.


Written by DImitrius on Oct 21st 2016

Highly recommended Tomb45, my clients love it, it smells good, and its not like shaving cream in which you have to wipe it off to view what you are doing. Like I said I highly highly recommend it. I will soon order like 20 bottles. Just to ensure to make sure I never run out.

From the Barbershop to the Home

Written by Marc E Shelton on Oct 21st 2016

I bought tomb45 for myself and I loved it so much I plan On buying more as stocking stuffers for the male people in my family. While and after shaving I have the scent of the barbershop on my from the gel. I have always loved that small ever since a small child. Now As an aldult I can bring it home with me. Great product. Marc from Waterbury, CT.

I love tomb45

Written by undefined on Oct 19th 2016

Tomb45 is the best product all the people like when I shave there face or do the line up and shave there head it very smooth I'm about to get more thank guys for your Tomb45

Great smell

Written by Rene on Oct 18th 2016

Tomb 45 is a good shaving gel with a great smell. The gel does a good job of creating a slick surface for your blade to glide which causes no irritation. On a full beard you can just apply, wait a few seconds and then remove the hair. I've compared performance and price to others and without a doubt this is the best gel for the price.

shaving lives

Written by undefined on Oct 18th 2016

Seems to be a good product for the price especially when I ordered two and somehow received four I send an email upon arrival requesting information what they would like me to do with the other two bottles Chances are I'll just keep them

real nice products

Written by Tomnee on Oct 17th 2016

This is one of the best gel products ive used. My go to shave gel !

shaving gel

Written by jorge on Oct 17th 2016

I love this shave gel

best product!

Written by Chopping Tony on Oct 16th 2016

Best product ive ever purchased, recomend this for every barber, smells hella good leaves the skin smooth after the shave. Also the price is good. You just cant beat it not enough stars to rate this! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

smoothest shave since I started shaving my head.

Written by undefined on Oct 13th 2016


bad ass

Written by Barber Hoesay on Oct 12th 2016

Works Great

Diz Some good shit!

Written by Osman on Oct 12th 2016

I honestly didn't think it was going to be that good of a shaving gel or shaving cream or whatever you wanna call it But after I used it, Damn! it was top of the line Two thumbs up Foreals! I'm definitely gonna keep getting some more of this, It smells really good. And not only that but it leaves your skin really smooth..

Great product

Written by Mike Muhammad on Oct 9th 2016

I love the shave gel because of the fact that it smells goodand the razor just glides like it's on ice. My clients always comment on the great smell. I've noticed that that the gel doesn't dry up to fast either. I use a fan often in the shop especially during the summer. I will continue to purchase more.


Written by Marco on Oct 8th 2016

Awesome shave gel!!! The shave gel smells great. The razor glides super smooth. Love how it's actually filled to the top unlike other products. The bottle is see through so you know how much product is left. Overall the best shave gel I have ever used.

Good Product!!

Written by Ed on Oct 7th 2016

Great stuff and it smells good.

scale 1 to 10 15

Written by Henry on Oct 7th 2016

man! for a scale of 1 to 10 I give you a 15,great product I highly recommend it

Just great!!!!

Written by Paul on Oct 5th 2016

Great product, I like this better than anything else on the market. Thanks 4 making this!!!!


Written by milton perez on Oct 4th 2016

It smells awesome,does what they promise, and my fellow classmates at barber college really like it, they like the bottle shape, price is good, really happy with it.

good product

Written by Michael Lewis on Oct 3rd 2016

Very satisfied!

Written by Dru on Sep 30th 2016

Im very satisfied with this shave gel. I will definitly be ordering more. This shave gel smells good and it makes my razor glide so smoothly. I recommended this to all my classmates in barber academy. Great product!

Like butter!

Written by Jason "JayCuts" Wellman on Sep 29th 2016

The Tomb45 shave gel is amazing! Super smooth shave, and a wonderful smell. I have received a ton of complements from customers. Also, the container makes it quick, clean and easy to apply. I will be ordering more. Thanks again!

The best product for the job

Written by Nick on Sep 23rd 2016

Just used my Tomb45 shave gel for the first time and I couldn't be more impressed with the product. Blade glides nicely and the product smells great. You get a lot for the money, too. This bottle will go a long way. I would highly recommend Tomb45 Shave Gel to anyone and everyone!

Smell is on point

Written by Tristan White on Sep 23rd 2016

Gave it 4 stars since I didn't actually use it yet. I can say though, the consistency/viscosity is good for the purpose and the smell is crazy good. I'm sure I'll buy again.


Written by JRcraze on Sep 23rd 2016

Ordered a bottle and not disappointed. Smells great and it's not runny like other products. In a very convenient bottle which makes it easy to pour. Also, PRICE IS GREAT!!!!! Please keep it at $6.00!

great product

Written by 3D DaBarber on Sep 23rd 2016

I love this shaving gel it works great.

Very Impressed

Written by Angel the Barber on Sep 22nd 2016

First thing that I really enjoy is the squeeze style bottle. It's better than a pump style that I've used on other shave gels. It helps with not wasting product. Second is the smell. The fragrance on this gel is fantastic. First day I used it I got 3-4 compliments on the smell alone. Where this gel stands out the most is once you apply it. It's not thick like most shaving gels. Very smooth and very similar as if you were using a liquid style larger. It doesn't build up on the blade or blade holder like most shave gels. By far one of the best. This will be my number one go to from now on.

Quality Product at an Affordable Price

Written by QueNic on Sep 21st 2016

This shaving gel works great and smells good too. I think the quality and performance is equivalent to the more expensive brands but without the expensive price which enables you to purchase more product at one time. Luv it!

10 out of 5 stars!!!!!!

Written by Ben on Sep 20th 2016

I have been trying out different shave gels for awhile now and couldn't find anything good in stores that was good enough to keep going back to. After doing some research I chose to order elegance shave gel and from the get go I wasn't pleased. It dries fast, it's super sticky and most important of all it isn't slick enough. After using tomb 45 once I could tell the difference right away! Pros: No hot water needed, easy to apply, and the blade slides right thru with no irritation. Does exactly what it is suppose to do. Price is great! Cons: NONE, If anything make a bigger bottle. Please don't raise the price if u do give me a heads up so I can stock up!

Best Shave Gel I ever used!

Written by Danny Ventura (Danny the Barber) on Sep 20th 2016

I bought this shave gel after watching 2 of my favorite youtube barbers (Chris Bossio and 360Jeezy) and I couldnt have made a better decision than this one. Tomb45 shave gel provides everything it says it does and more. It makes shaving 100 times easier, the blade just glides with it and to top it off it smells great. Its going to be tough to match this product. Thanks.

Best shaving gel

Written by Cris Gonzalez on Sep 19th 2016

All my clients like the smell which is important to me to keep my clients satisfied... te texture of the gel is awesome i have really smooth shaves with it... thanks to Chris Bossio for this awesome product

best cuts in miami

Written by undefined on Sep 19th 2016

I like the product and would get it again

best ever

Written by undefined on Sep 16th 2016

Wonderful product and to be truthful it worth much more

Great Product

Written by undefined on Sep 14th 2016

Great ergonomic design. Good classic smell. Best part is it cuts through like warm butter. Would love to retail it!


Written by undefined on Sep 13th 2016

excelent shaving gel , previous to using this one i used the elagance wich is also good shaving wise but drys too quick , its sticky , a lot of gel stays in the bottle where the pipe can no longer reach and dosent really have a good smell but it dosent smell bad either . meanwhile this tomb 45 gel is just amazing it has an amazing smell it makes shaving effortless the razor glides smoothly , i can apply it directly on the customers skin witch saves me time and what i like the most is that it leaves the skin refreshed and causes no irratation and cant forget the amazing price and in my case quick shipping .although a this gel has no competition at all . congratulations on chris bossio on his work of art.

Very good product, and affordable!!

Written by Diana on Sep 12th 2016

I got this for my husband that has been wanting it for a while. We received it a couple days ago and he absolutely loves it!!! We will definitely be ordering more.


Written by undefined on Sep 12th 2016

Best shave gel on the market.....Shop stays full of this product and customers love it

Had High Expectations

Written by Ivan on Sep 9th 2016

I follow Chris bossio YouTube channel, so when I heard he dropped a shave gel I was extremely excited. I'm thinking "One of the best barbers in the game finally has a product out, let me try it out. He is one of the best barbers so he must use the best products" but I was upset when I received the bottle. Now what I didn't like about the Tomb45 is that the gel drys up really quick. If you but a small amount in your fingers and rub it together, the dry dries up quickly. Another reason is the consistency, I usually put shave gel on the top of my hand and use when needed. For this shave gel I put some on the top of my hand and it slide right off when I come to grab some. The fragrance smells like a mixture of cool water and Irish spring, which smells amazing but it might be the reason the gel gets dry to quickly. Now I love the structure of the bottle because you get to use every drop of shave gel and the story behind the shave gel is great. I'm pretty sure if you tweak it a little it would defiantly be one the top shave gels. I love Chris's YouTube channel, he's taught me so much different techniques. I watch all of his videos and he seems like a genuine person. Hopefully he takes the time to read this review. -Ivan

The best shaving gel

Written by Anthony Page on Sep 7th 2016

This is the best shaving gel I've ever used. Nice smell nice texture. I would recommend this to all barbers.

@Nachonastyy IG

Written by ignacio becerra on Sep 3rd 2016

It has a great smell to it , Also great for house calls easy to pack , it so smooth when I shave neck lines , designs and hard parts . Great price too @NachoNastyy

love the product

Written by D_cuts_FAM on Instagram on Aug 29th 2016

I'm not a barber just yet, but so far I love this product when you apply right away it moisturizes. And it smells great ! But the down fall is that I am lacking one bottle someone missed counted .

Barber Student

Written by undefined on Aug 26th 2016

Very smooth and not thick with a great smell. This gel has changed my life!!!

Great product, amazing scent

Written by John on Aug 22nd 2016

I purchased this product after getting a haircut with Chris. The scent hooked me, and the fact that this gel caused zero redness on my neckline. I'm not a barber, but I use this now at home with my razor on my neckline, and beard. It works phenomenal, even without hot towel prep. Would love this scent in an aftershave too. Maybe for a future product?


Written by Sanders Bell on Aug 15th 2016

I'm not a licensed barber, but I've been cutting hair for 24 years. I'm new to using razors (the people I cut recently started asking for razor edge ups). I bought a razor and some gel. The gel was terrible. I've been watching the youtube videos and saw the Tomb45 gel. I'm now more confident with the razor because this gel let's the razor slide across the skin, reducing irritation. Not to mention it smells wonderful.

5 star shave gel

Written by Jack on Aug 10th 2016

This is the highest quality shave gel that I have used it performed beyond my expectations and it smells great

Amazing Price And Works Amazing!!

Written by undefined on Aug 10th 2016

The bottle is perfect just squeeze thee amount you need on the spot your going to shave or line up witch ever and shave away! Doesn't dry up like most shaving gels where you have to add some water to it witch is perfect. Smells really good and is perfect for sensitive skin I recommend to anyone who wants to use shaving gel instead of dry shaving or anything els!

Great Shave Gel that has an amazing Aroma

Written by Dash on Aug 4th 2016

I just received my Tomb 45 Shave Gel and was so excited to see what all of hype was about and I must say that this product is amazing. Not only does it smell good but works like a charm.

best product out there

Written by Miguel on Aug 2nd 2016

If tried multiple shaving gels from elegance to ez blade shave gel, there all expensive and some are too thick. Tomb 45 works excellent and the price is fair

very good quality and aroma

Written by Alain Lopez on Jul 25th 2016

Very good quality and it's doesn't dry up ,customers like the aroma , very affordable for the size, thanks Chris Bossio and team for creating this amazing gel, I will definitely will keep buying back.

Great Product

Written by Fred on Jul 20th 2016

I've used several shave gels over the past few years and this is great. I think putting the product in an applicator bottle is extremely easy to put on your client for the line up. Great product with a pleasant smell. Definitely recommend.

Great Shaving Gel!

Written by undefined on Jul 20th 2016

I received this product in a couple of days. I was anxious to try it on my clients. The gel smells wonderful, and it applies to the skin smoothly. My razor easily cuts the hair with no problem. This is a great product. I will purchase another bottle and recommend it to my friends.

Great product

Written by Torey on Jul 18th 2016

I would just like to say you guys have done a great job with this product. This product smells really good, it's my blade glide across the skin, and just all-around great shave. I've noticed that the client's skin looks much more hydrated after using this product.

The best shave gel for the money

Written by Rob on Jul 15th 2016

I ordered my Tomb 45 shave gel, got it not even a week later, very professional. Let me say that it is everything that is advertised. The consistency is perfect, it's not watery like other shave gels out there. It's thick and stays where you put it with the convenient applicator bottle. It lets your razor glide easily over your or your client's skin, and it has a clean, masculine scent. It goes on clear and you can see everything you touch with your razor, making for crisp lines. If you use any shave gel, you must try this. Thanks to Chris Bossio and for a great product!

Best shaving gel I've used.

Written by undefined on Jul 13th 2016

This is an amazing product the smell is awesome. Gives a great smooth shave. Really happy with the product can't beat the price.


Written by undefined on Jul 12th 2016

Great product! Leaves no irritation.. Great price as well, definitely buying again

a must have to you supply list

Written by justin on Jul 12th 2016

To all barbers if your using the straight edge in your barbershop righr now and your not using tomb 45 shave gel stop reading this and go place a order already. Your clients will appreciate it not only does it cut nice for you it leaves there skin feeling refreshed after the shave and smelling good aswell. So place a order already and put the barbersol back in your cabinet

flawless shave

Written by J1220 on Jul 12th 2016

Tomb 45 shave gel smells great and comes in a easy to use squeeze bottle with a twist to close nozzle. For being the first shave gel I have ever used (always just used water) I am beyond pleased with my purchase and will a repeat customer. The only thing bad I have to say is the packaging. A great product should be presented like it's a great product. I want to feel like I just bought the greatest coolest shave gel on the market so my other barber friends can ask were I got it from. And that's my Lil two cents but keep up the great work fellas.


Written by David Valle on Jul 11th 2016

This is one of the best shave gels I used by far it works great and all my clients love the smell

great product!

Written by Danny Morales on Jul 8th 2016

This shaving gel has a Great scent and works as advertised.

A+ Product

Written by Mike on Jul 7th 2016

I could tell on the first shave that this was better than anything else I'd ever tried. The coarse mustache hair melted away like butter, no irritation. The razor glides very smooth and the gel acts as an astringent, cleaning the prep area as well as the newly shaven area. Smells good, clear, moisturizing, doesn't dry up and won't leave a 'false' line of residue buildup. I'm in, great job with this one.

its a must have

Written by Gustavo Rodriguez on Jul 6th 2016

Great shave gel it gives a smooth and comfortable shave with no irritation and a great smell. Another thing i noticed is that its not as sticky when it dries it leaves nice smooth feeling. Highly recommend this product.

Best shave gel hands down

Written by Joel Robles on Jul 5th 2016

Love everything about it, the bottle, the smell, the fact that it doesn't dry and leaves the skin moisturized. Will be buying more!

Tomb45 IS A1!!!

Written by Elliott Neblett on Jun 29th 2016

This product is amazing. The texture, coverage and smell is sub par to none. I am "newer" to the straight blade and with Tomb45 I have no issues with slide so no irritation. I would recommend this product to anyone who shaves not just barbers.

amazing product

Written by Maurice Porter on Jun 29th 2016

I'm highly please with this shave gel. A little amount goes along way. My clients love the smell and love how their skin is moisturize after using the shave gel. It didn't dry up on the skin quickly after applying it and I use and fan that blows air on my clients to keep them cool. And the gel lasted, great buy thank you

love it!!

Written by undefined on Jun 27th 2016

I absolutely love this shave gel! No more steam towels no more mess! Great product will definitely be ordering more.

WAKE UP!!!! you should not sleep on Tomb45!

Written by Erik Rodriguez on Jun 27th 2016

phenomenal product i've purchased works great smooth, clear, non sticky witch is awsome and has a good smell to it. i recomend this shave gel to everyone! It's a must

great priduct

Written by mike on Jun 25th 2016

I support barbers since I'm one, but this gel is actually really good, and numerous ppl love the smell. I will purchase more soon!

best smoothest shave gel out

Written by Stanley brian goins on Jun 25th 2016

With clients constantly asking what the product is..and the great smell... smooth aloe and clients love when I jerk out the straight razor now....

Must have after the firs buy!!

Written by Diego on Jun 23rd 2016

Great product smooth clean fresh. Great smell nothing like it Fellas!! Best Shit out their something I'll b getting more often!! I give it a 1000!!

Great Shave Gel!!!

Written by Elijah Green III on Jun 22nd 2016

Tomb 45 is a great shave product that allows free movement of the razor. It ha s a great smell which is the first thing that my client noticed when I first used it. The applicator bottle is just what is needed in regard to shave gels in the Barbering Industry.

Philly Profile Cuts review on shaving gel

Written by Kenneth Martin on Jun 21st 2016

I really like the gel the scent is great and I get a good shave from it and my clients like it

tomb45 shave gel

Written by damien on Jun 20th 2016

By far the best shave gel I've used so far and I've tried almost everything out there.

Good stuff

Written by undefined on Jun 20th 2016

clients love the fragrance and how it keeps the blade from irritating their skin but mostly the smell. Great shave gel.


Written by Jamela on Jun 20th 2016

This shaving gel is an amazing product with a great smell


Written by Edgeup on Jun 17th 2016

I love the product, The nozzle was cert convient and it has a good smell too!!

good stuff

Written by Anthony Jimenez on Jun 17th 2016

Awesome product. Not to thick, allows razor to slide nicely. And the fact it's clear and I can see what im doing is a plus as well. Ordered 2 bottles

top notch

Written by Jeff Westfall on Jun 14th 2016

This stuff is amazing i have used one other shave gel and out of the two this is hands down the best razor glides with ease and my face feels good after i shave. Definitely gonna be a regular for me.


Written by jacque bright on Jun 10th 2016

Great product as a student barber preparing for state board this is the best shave gel I have used for the 14 strokes it also has a great aroma

Tomb 45 shave gel

Written by Humberto Gastelum jr on Jun 10th 2016

Best shaving Gel on the market

Gotta get it smells good !

Written by undefined on Jun 8th 2016

The gel fragance smells great,smooth when shaving,its clear to see where your shaving great buy for the price will buy more soon!

New favorite shave gel

Written by on Jun 6th 2016

The Tomb 45 Shave gel smells great, isn't as thick as other clear shave gels, makes for a nice easy shave. Also, the bottle might be my favorite thing about it. Easy apply to wherever you intend on using the shave gel, rather than putting it in your hands and then applying to the client. Will definitely be ordering more than 1 with my next order. Keep up the hard work and dedication, Chris, and everyone at Headlines Barbershop. John (Fan since your first barber vlog on YouTube)


Written by dee on Jun 4th 2016

Absolutely love this product it's a must buy

worth it !!!

Written by undefined on Jun 3rd 2016

i love this product, chris made a really good job in this item, the shave is smooth the fragance is just perfect , very well recommended


Written by jeffrey araiza on Jun 3rd 2016

Smells great, feels good after shaving. Must have if your a barber or just for personal use.

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