Tomb45 Triple Cartridge Razor & 2 Shave Gels!

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Two Cartridges were not enough! This latest release now includes THREE cartridges with different exposures in order to give you the most flexibility and options to experiment.

Designed for a comfortable feel in hand with nice weight to razor handle and ergonomic tang! Designed for Barber by Barbers! Will also include tomb45 razor keychain not shown in photo. Now Shipping.


Please note, the box does not come with the kit. Shipping would increase if we include the box which will simply get thrown away.

Reviews (42)

Thank you for what you have created.

Written by Anthony Phillips on Mar 28th 2017

This is by far the best shaving gel on the market, and that dual cartridge razor holderhas great balance. Great work keep it coming.

Awesome product!!

Written by Steve on Mar 22nd 2017

I used the kit I got for the first time on my own head and beard and it turned out great. The shave gel smells great and feels great for a nice smooth shave. The blade is perfect nice and balance all the way around. I would highly recommend this product.

Tomb 45 shave gel is great, nice and smooth

Written by Billy The barber 615 on Mar 16th 2017

I love the tomb 45 shave gel. I use a hot lather machine on a regular basis but now I'm getting people who love the tomb 45. It make the blade slide easier, saves time with the longer hair, plus it has a great aroma. The razor itself is better then most at the same price point. It has a tension screw which is awesome to help keep the handle in place. You can definitely tell it is a better grade razor.


Written by Celi on Mar 14th 2017

Either the gel the blade just glides and it smells AMAZING! The razor isn't too heavy or too lite it's prefect! Very happy with purchase:)

amazing product!!!

Written by Brad Bynog on Mar 11th 2017

It's exactly as advertised!!! I love this shave gel!!! We were you using elegance shave gel in my shop, for the longest. But when the guy coming around selling is busting heads at $20 a bottle and you seem to end up wasting a lot I had to switch it up!!! I bought this product and I haven't looked back since! It's a super smooth shave and the direct apply nozzles guarantees more bang for your buck!!!! The dual carrridge razor is the truth too!!! I love that one holder has very minimal blade exposure but if I want more I simply swap it out!! If you haven't tried either I highly recommend that you do! Not to mention the fact that my boy Bossio is killing every other person or supplier I've ordered from as far as customer service and prompt responses!!! You've got a customer for life on this one bro!!! Jaz_cutz

100% the best

Written by Juan Isaac on Mar 8th 2017

I recently made the switch over from Pacinos shave Gel to tomb45 I absolutely love it my clients love it smells great it doesn't dry up like the competitor awesome product will purchase more the straight razor is perfect no more worrying about a loose swing and the expose blade makes perfect for lining up mustaches and graphic work

very good for the cost

Written by talay tariq on Mar 3rd 2017

i like this razor because it feels great and doesnt slip out of the hand. when i put the catrudge back inside with a blade in it the black layer well it peeled of at one side where the blade is but it is noticeable when you are not looking for it but i see it everytime i will have to change a blade or shave upwards against the grain but still it is a very good razor . a razor u can tell others to buy and a razor u will have for many years


Written by Shockese Barnes on Feb 27th 2017

Although I'm not a fan of using shave gel, I decided to try this one. I have respect for the team of barbers that put this together. Compared to the elegance shave witch runs or slides on the skin, it's great ut sticks and holds the hair in place great. I also like the smell of tomb 45. I prefer shave creams like xotics shave therapy, but this gel gives you more baby for your bucks! Over all a great product. Kutter_kese

Smooth, moist shave!

Written by Luis (Lulu) Perea on Feb 17th 2017

The shave gel has a nice amount of aloe Vera,has a nice smell, not to potent just enough for the customer to appreciate. Also it gives the blade such a good glide over the skin, I love it, works better for me than the Elgnce shave gel. It doesn't dry fast, it comes of easy when you wipe it off. It's just perfect for shaving! Thanx!


Written by mike on Feb 1st 2017


great handle and gels; need instructions on how to load

Written by undefined on Jan 28th 2017

It would be nice if the razor came with instructions on how to load it. I'm new to razor shaving and had not a clue. I emailed Tomb45 and they weren't much help at all. Luckily I found a video on YouTube on how to load it and I've been satisfied every since. Shaving gel works good too. I like the fact I can see my lines and what I'm doing with the razor while I'm using it.

Better than ANY! THING ELSE

Written by Anthony on Jan 17th 2017

I'm in New Mexico and when it's hot its unbearable and when it cold it's a dry cold when clients leave feeling refreshed from a cut or a shave and they're mood heightens when I use the gel that'll show the quality and passion that one put into the gel easy to clean up also is a + and the razor double cartridge adds to the efficiency of preparing for another client this product you have is one of the best the gel alone help me to reduce diffrent product I use opened up more room on my station,Tomb 45 u give thanks for me purchasing product but I return the THANK YOU for having a awesome product


Written by on Jan 2nd 2017

I absolutely love my Tomb45 razor and shave gel. The razor hugs the blade tighter than the razor I was previously using and I've noticed a significant difference in my lines. They're sharper and my blade Kutz easier. I can see my corners a whole lot easier as well. I do a lot of designs so this is crucial. The shave gel is awesome. I was using conditioner around the edges to soften the hair for line work and would sometimes need to wipe it away in order to see my edge. Now that I'm using the Tomb45 shave gel I can see the edges without having to wipe away anything. I'll be ordering more razors and gel soon to replace my other items in my traveling barber sets. PS...when I received my package there was a cute hand written note. I appreciated that.


Written by undefined on Dec 30th 2016

I'm glad I purchased this kit! Thanks CHRiS!


Written by undefined on Dec 27th 2016

Gel is very good. Smells great nd makes for a good shave. And the dual razor is also a smooth addition to my arsenal. Great products my dude.

Love it!!

Written by Kara Shattwell on Dec 27th 2016

Love the Gel!!! Gave the razor to my master Barber!! We all LOVE products!!

On Point!

Written by Angel Lopez on Dec 27th 2016

Finally tomb45's blade holder is something different and better than every other blade holders out there! They finally tweaked and fixed every grip that I've had with every other blade holder. Weight is perfect, elbow screw is quality and I don't every see it breaking like other blade holders (common problem). The more exposed blade holder is the perfect height. I'm so glad that someone has finally came out with something different then everyone else. Not to mention the price is on point! Well worth the quality! Don't hesitate to buy this one guys it's straight quality, and not your average blade holder.

great business

Written by Kareem Hoffman on Dec 26th 2016

Love it came on time and the product is actually good love my Razr no more shaving gel nice size for the price I will be ordering more

Love the razor

Written by Jose Gonzalez on Dec 25th 2016

Love the feel and weight of the razor. Love the options of both cartridges.


Written by Kapena (captain) Abiley on Dec 25th 2016

First off its packed in a bottle that is clear so you know when its time to buy more,it also has a head tip that almost looks like a traffic cone that twists open and closed,made for precise and easy application.And unlike other bottled products, this bottle is made so that you can use every last drop!As for the shave gel, as soon as you open the cap and the scent hits your face ,you'll be mesmerized! I love the fact that it's not oil based,so it's easy to wipe off,and it doesn't dry up,so I can apply the gel on both sides of the face ,give my client the most comfortable shave,and not have it dry up on me.After the shave ,you have this cool,smooth ,amazing feeling and it's because it has aloe Vera and some vitamins in there that makes your skin feel replenished and rejuvenated!I feel like I'm stealing from the company, because it was made with barber knowledge and top ingredients for a very cheap price,and the product lasts long!!!! I love this product!

looks as good as it feels!

Written by Kapena (captain) Abiley on Dec 24th 2016

I love that it has just the right amount of weight to generate the perfect comes with not one, but two cartridges, so you can choose which one you prefer at the time. It's comfortable, and it just looks good! If you understand the name tomb45 and the meaning, That's when you'll realize just how much power you you have in the palm of your hands!


Written by Michael Willis on Dec 24th 2016

The razor is perfect size and weight for me. The shave gel is perfection at its best. I am overly happy with my purchase thank you tomb45

well worth it

Written by undefined on Dec 23rd 2016

All I can say is that if you didn't get these products you really need to get it


Written by Carlos Adame on Dec 22nd 2016

You sent a sticker so we can show you support even when your product is not in direct sight, The gel smells great and does not foam up so it's easy to see. And the razor is simple, light, and still hold a classic design.

great razor love it.

Written by Darren Moss on Dec 22nd 2016

Great razor love the duel cartarige and tension personiallly love everyrhing about it only issue I see is when asked to see it from others some people thought it to be heavy perfect for me thought thanks!

Satisfied Customer

Written by Mary Mcbride on Dec 21st 2016

Ordered it as a surprise for my fiance.. He's a barber, he Luvs it!!! I see him on alot of websites for barbers,bt I would recommend this website to anyone that cuts/ shave hair!! I will continue to order from Tomb45

this gel is smack

Written by Daniel Ramirez on Dec 21st 2016

Yo this gel makes your haircuts literally 100 times better and bruh it's only $6 bucks I've asked my clients how the gel felt and they loved it the color looks great and the gel overall is just the best go cop some aye bossie keep doing yo thang bro!


Written by Juan on Dec 21st 2016

Amazing product, gives you the option of the exposed blade, the gel its nice and smooth. Super happy w this and my clients are as well.


Written by Veronica on Dec 21st 2016

I got this product for my wife and she loves it. She say it the best product she can have.

good product

Written by Karl (EOGTHEBARBER) on Dec 21st 2016

I love the razor very dope and the shaving gel is awesome too!

Tomb 45 has set the bar high

Written by Jason on Dec 21st 2016

I love the gravity of the razor handle! Far superior to the blessed Razor handle from Papitos blessed hands.


Written by jose tafolla on Dec 21st 2016

the gels are a 5 no doubt but i did not recive the razor


Written by Rodrigo on Dec 21st 2016

It has a good smell to it and once applied it cuts the hairs like butter !


Written by undefined on Dec 21st 2016


I love it!

Written by Stacie on Dec 21st 2016

Very nice craftsmanship. Sturdy and durable. Easy to handle. And the shave gel is amazing as well. I got my 1st bottle in June and I will not use any other shave gel since I started using tomb 45. I will always support and buy your products. Also the personal thanks with the shipment of ur products was a nice touch. I wish you continued success. You are an inspiration

Great Overall

Written by JDavid tha Peoples Barber (Jonathan D. Duty) on Dec 21st 2016

The timing was just as explained, so I was happy about that. Even when there was a delay I recieved an email right away with the explanation. The product is just what everyone says it is. The gel smells great and hair comes off with ease. The razor blade holder is super dope. I like the way it feels in my hand. I like heavy cause I have really big hands, and its not too heavy and not too light. It feels just right. Really good job with this guys.

exclusebruce best. Egyptian

Written by bruce cisneros on Dec 20th 2016

Beautiful straight razor awesome shaving gelthank you Chris Bossio


Written by Javan on Dec 20th 2016

Great product would recommend to others


Written by undefined on Dec 20th 2016



Written by Maria Aponte on Dec 20th 2016

I was a little disappointed I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't receive starter blade for my razor .

made by barbers for barbers

Written by Gordo the Barber on Dec 20th 2016

Think its a really good product, love it I been using it since I received it and by far I think it's on of the beat razors I have owned. Gel is really nice goes on on smooth and comes off like butter can't believe I hadn't order this before almost hate to use on all clients but going to have to order seconds of this gel. Thanks Chris for this fabulous gel and awesome blade can't wait to see more of your products in the future, once again thank you so much for these new treats before the Christmas and New Yeas rush on having my clients looking good for the holidays.


Written by angel on Dec 20th 2016

Came in exactly how described nice keychain to made strong!! Fits comfortably in the hand just love it!

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