Education Schedule

typical workshop schedule

subject to change

1-Day Workshop- Click Here for Details (PDF)

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Hands-On Workshop

Our 8 hour intensive Hands-On Courses are designed for barbers beginner to advanced. In this workshop we will teach you “The System” A system designed to be easy to duplicate and learn. We will teach you ways to stay consistent, improve haircut quality, all while speeding up your timing!

9am – 1pm   Mostly Theory, but we are known to bring up our students to gets hands-on throughout the class. What ever is takes to Translate why and what we are teaching.

1pm – 2pm   Lunch/Break. you can do your own thing or sit down with us and have lunch. The perfect time to ask more personable questions whether it be about haircutting, branding/marketing, business, anything goes we are transparent.

2pm – 5pm    Time to work on the models. Take everything you just learned and put it in action! Please bring your own model. We will do our best to source models ourselves but the more the better! between both the education team and the students we’ve never had issues with models, with your help we can keep it that way!

Look & Learn Classes 

6:30pm – 9:30pm      The Look & Learn classes are 3 hours of packed value. You’ll get to see two live demonstrations where Q&A is encouraged!

Models-  If interested in being a model for our classes & workshops please email us at
If participating as a model for the practical portion of the Hands-On Course
you will receive free admission to the Look And Learn Class later that evening.

FOR PRIVATE CLASSES or any further questions:

please email us at