Tomb 45

Wireless Charging Starter Pack (Expansion Pad + PowerClip)

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This is a general guide and delays may be caused major force , natural disasters, inclement weather, war, public holidays, and factors outside our control.

PowerClips are still available Individually.

This product pairs a wireless charging expansion pad is paired with a PowerClip of your choosing for a full package to wirelessly charge your Clipper/Trimmer. 

Tired of cordless cords? The patent pending Tomb 45™️ wireless charging eco system creates a chaos free work environment for the modern hairdresser. Tool specific wireless charging adapters called PowerClips convert your standard clipper to wireless charging capable. Expansion mats can be used as a stand a lone wireless power supply for charging or paired with a Tomb 45™️ Powered Mat to create one pad with up to 5 wireless charging ports.


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